Thursday, October 7, 2010

lift-the-spirits Re-purposing...

I love it when I'm looking for a specific item for a specific purpose and find something else that will work magnificently! Well, see my dilemma below... Welcome to my bathroom counter.  I know, poor Sam! He has no counter space because his adoring wife is a screener! Those of you who went to design school with me know that I can totally function in a world of chaos.  That's what a screener does! I screen-out all of the chaos around me and I can still function in my space.  Well, my husband is a NON-screener, so he can't function so well in a world of chaos, let alone he doesn't have any space on our bathroom counter to function, period! I like to be able to see the things I use on a regular basis (if I can't see where it goes, I most likely won't bother to put it away) and I also like things at an arms reach.
So in my quest for a creative solution... I was perusing through Ikea while chewing on a yummy cinnamon roll and behold! Eureka! My inspiration came from a wine-rack! I have this tall space above my toilet (right next to my counter) and didn't want to put art there because it's below a tall cabinet (funky old house).  I thought this tall, slender wine rack would be perfect!
 So thanks to my handy hunk-a-licious hubby, the wine rack was mounted and put to good use.  Now I don't have a jugle of cords taking over my counter and they're visible and at an arms reach away!
 For all you light-reading bathroom go-ers out there (hey, no shame), you can roll up your magazines and stow them here too! There's a lot you can do with a wine-rack besides storing spirits, and hey, it can lift your spirits too.
 Now all is neatly stowed away and our counter (and Sam) has room to breath!
 So, next time you're trying to organize a space, get a little creative and see the functionality in the items all around you!


  1. That is so perfect. You could also roll up towels and stick them in there. I think they could fit?

  2. yes! Towels would be awesome- hand towels and wash-cloths probably would work best!

  3. you are brillant. Looks like I need to head to Ikea. :)